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At last, a single platform capable of giving you full E-trade capability for every product on the market from a single window! ParaCode is a complete policy administration system for brokers, with a set of powerful tools for managing your business. What’s more, ParaCode is free for brokers to use!

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Manage it all, in one place

You can capture and manage all risk details on the platform, all quote requests and all policies for every insurer, all in one place.

Where products are available in the ParaCode marketplace you can request tobas for these and etrade them as soon as your toba is granted, which could be near instantaneous!

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Easy Customisation

You can build your own insurer panels and you can build risk information forms to capture data and map these directly to the insurers’ own data capture forms. This means you can create forms for your sales desk or your website and introducer portals that contain only the questions that are relevant for your business and products.

No more duplicating data & no more irrelevant questions for your staff to fill out!

Quote Automation

ParaCode automates the quote process to make it easy for you to manage requesting and receiving quotes, including through underwriting referrals if required.

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Software to Gain the Market Edge

Using these powerful capabilities you will be able to perform price comparison across similar products from any insurer regardless of whether these are niche, personal or commercial. You will also be able to assemble complimentary products to create unique and compelling offerings for your customers.

The launch of the masterplan binder on ParaCode has been a huge time saver for the department.
Because the system is user-friendly, training team members has also been an easy process

Kate Horne

Policy Administrator - KBIS

ParaCode is making a massive difference. I have managed to do half a month of renewals on my own in two days.
This was unheard of on the old system. We built an entire product in less than a day.

Keith Lovett

Managing Director & Yacht Manager - Stoneways Marine

ParaCode has been a game-changer.
I have said that multiple times and I will say it again.

Brendan Ryan

Equine Underwriting Manager - The Underwriting Exchange (Ireland)