About Us

ParaCode delivers cloud-based insurance software for MGAs, insurers, brokers and claims handlers using a no code, no capex, no constraints approach.

Our ultimate goal is to enable brokers, MGAs, insurers and claims handlers to do more with their IT. We are customer focused. Everything we do is with the goal of improving our customers’ business and delivering ongoing satisfaction. We provide excellent customer service and support throughout the entire journey.

We grew out of a partnership between an MGA and a bespoke development company. Together we set out to build an insurance software platform that could be managed by the end user rather than developers.

This led us to develop a no code platform. We also wanted the platform to provide a low cost of ownership to customers, with minimal onboarding fees. Finally we wanted the platform to enable our customers to grow their businesses, rather than be constrained by their software. This led us to adopt a no constraints approach to how we onboard and support our customers throughout the lifetime of the system.