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Improved Efficiency: ParaCode can streamline many of the manual processes that are typically involved in insurance operations, such as underwriting, policy administration, claims processing, and customer service. This can help to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and save time and resources.
Increased Productivity: By automating many routine tasks and providing real-time access to data, ParaCode can help to increase productivity for brokers, underwriters and claims handlers. This can enable them to focus on more complex tasks and provide better client service.
Enhanced Client Experience: ParaCode can provide customers with greater convenience, transparency, and access to information. This can help to improve client satisfaction and loyalty, which are critical for long-term success in the insurance industry.
Better Risk Management: ParaCode can provide insurers with more accurate and up-to-date data on risks, which can help them to better assess and manage risk. This can lead to more informed underwriting decisions, more effective risk mitigation strategies, and ultimately, better financial results.
Competitive Advantage: ParaCode can help insurers, MGAs and brokers to differentiate themselves from competitors by offering better products, services, and client experiences. This can help to attract and retain clients, increase market share, and ultimately, drive growth and profitability.
Stronger security: ParaCode provides strong security measures to protect your business and your clients' sensitive data. Our platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure giving ParaCode enhanced scalability and robustness.
Low Cost of Ownership: ParaCode has a simple single license fee that only comes into effect when you are live on the platform.
Document Management: ParaCode enables you to manage the documents associated with your clients, policies and claims and to create and edit your own document templates using our easy to use merge code.
ParaCode is making a massive difference. I have managed to do half a month of renewals on my own in two days.
This was unheard of on the old system. We built an entire product in less than a day.

Keith Lovett

Managing Director & Yacht Manager - Stoneways Marine

The launch of the masterplan binder on ParaCode has been a huge time saver for the department.
Because the system is user-friendly, training team members has also been an easy process

Kate Horne

Policy Administrator - KBIS

ParaCode has been a game-changer.
I have said that multiple times and I will say it again.

Brendan Ryan

Equine Underwriting Manager - The Underwriting Exchange (Ireland)

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