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Insurance software replacement

09 August 2022 | Blog

Are you relying on legacy, out-of-date insurance software to run your business? This can cause many problems with efficiency, security and scalability, all of which can be solved by replacing and updating your software.

Common issues our customers have faced with their old insurance software technology include:

  • Time consuming
  • Doesn’t allow them to react quickly to changes in the market
  • Inefficient
  • Requires development support to make changes
  • Expensive to run

ParaCode is the perfect legacy insurance software replacement. It is the most advanced cloud-based insurance policy administration and claims management software for insurers, brokers, MGAs and coverholders. It was designed by insurance professionals and built by software development experts to overcome the frustrations and limitations of many of the other software options available. It is a fully flexible, end-to-end platform that was designed to allow anyone to quickly and easily manage any insurance product, using the very latest technologies.

The ParaCode platform gives you the fastest implementation time available, through its easy-to-use implementation capability. It has a low cost of ownership and allows businesses to rapidly respond to changing market conditions. New products can be built in hours rather than weeks, while product updates can happen in minutes rather than days, easily and cheaply without any development support or cost.

We achieve this with our class-leading no-code insurable definition capability, flexible & powerful rating engine, drag and drop screen-form builder, templated document generation, and report generator.

Here are some of the ways our customers can confirm ParaCode helped them:

  • An entire product built in less than a day
  • Claims processing time reduced by 75%
  • Half a month of renewals completed in two days for a high touch underwriting product
  • Renewals, conversions and new business can all be processed quickly and easily

For more information, if you have any questions about insurance software replacement, or if you would like a demo of the platform, please contact us today.